About us

SilentVoices is a theatre production organisation based in Manchester, United Kingdom, we focus upon producing theatre plays that highlight the plight of those silent voices around the world who are suffering. We combine our plays with community engagement and and fundraising for the causes our plays represent.

We approach each play for the perspective of the victim who is being made to suffer, each character explores the psychology and circumstances of each person within the life of the victim. At times the people surrounding the victim are their friend and at other times, their enemy.

Theatre plays are treated as artists boards, creativity, flair and above all risk, are the elements which characterise the development and performance of what we seek to curate.

We have to trust ourselves as artistic leaders and then create conditions under which we can talk to our audiences about the art we create.

Polly Carl (Steppenwolf director)

Our work is sponsored by Human Appeal, all donations and fundraising goes to the causes we portray through our plays.